September 2007

A lesson in extremes: At St. Peter’s Church (Ward 8, Precinct 3), perenially home to one of the lowest turnouts in the city, one election worker said, “We’ve had about 20.”

“Are you joking?” asked another, “If we’ve had 15, we’re lucky…it’s been about 10.”

Meanwhile, 1.8 miles away at Temple Emanuel,  (Ward 9, Precinct 1&2) there were over 325 voters as of 12:30pm.


It seems everyone is saying turnout is “ok” but at ward3 precinct 2 there have only been 46 voters so far.

Gary Rosen is doing twelve straight hours on the corner of park and highland. He says there are nerves but they come from “expectations being so high” and a pressure to meet the high finish that has been predicted.

Just ran into D1 challenger Joe Casello at Norback School…told me he was nervous “like on his wedding day” and that he didn’t sleep all night.

the other interesting tidbit: One of the election workers mentioned to me that some people were getting a little overzealous and trying to mark more than six people on the ballot. It sounded like they had caught the problem but I wonder if it is happening elsewhere.

I was the 33 to vote at 8:45 this morning.

and we are there

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be blogging election day coverage as we get it: news, views, pictures and more from the polls, street corners, and victory parties.

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