There’s a clear distinction in how a couple of the mayoral candidates are viewing D-Day campaigning: Rick Rushton is sitting at headquarters, making calls this morning-it’s the most effective outreach, he tells me.  Either that, or he likes staying dry.

Meanwhile, Gary Rosen looks like he’s trying to pull a President Harrison, standing at the corner of Park Avenue and Highland Street  (It’s sure to be renamed “Rosen Square” one of these days).   It’s where he spent 12-hours on Preliminary Election Day, and he considers it the best visibility spot for his voter base.

In truth, Rosen is soaked straight through his multiple layers – we were able to wring a cups worth of water from his shirt sleeve –  and not looking his strongest.  And it’s still early.  He has turned down umbrellas, sweatshirts, and other offers of aid.  If he goes through the entire day, we question his health  and, at least a little, his sanity.  But, it’s Gary, and we would also be disappointed if he abandoned his strategy now.