Just left talking to Gary Rosen on Park Ave and Highland (more on that in a minute) and parked on a side street with residential signs but no cars. Brianne from Channel 3 showed up as I was sitting in my car on the phone, about to leave, and parked across from me. As we were talking, a young guy in a Mustang drove past, backed up and rolled down his window to ask if we had resident permits. He then flashed a badge, told us he was State Police, told us he didn’t want to give us tickets, and kept repeating versions of, “You know how we State Police follow the signs.” It was a definite shot at us as media, specifically Charter, for their story on cops parking in handicapped spots outside the new courthouse.  In that story, Jen Eagan filmed a State Police cruiser and a Sheriff’s cruiser in handicapped spots, confronted a Sheriff’s employee.  The clip is here.