Here’s the gist:

  • Rushton will be calling for a full hand recount of every ballot from Tuesday’s election.
  • He cited the number of ballots marked blank — 925 — that might actually have been intended for one side or the other.
  • Cited problems with the Diebold boxes used, claiming when they were initially used, Ray Mariano’s ballot wasn’t counted during a demonstration.
  • Also said there are enough questions locally and nationally about the boxes that a full hand recount was the only way to ensure a fair count. Said that the software didn’t always count completely.
  • Repeated that this is not a political decision, but “about the process.”
  • Claimed the recount would cost around $7,000; had no idea on time line.

On Jordan Levy, Rushton just said: “One of the problems with the machine if you make an x or a check or go outside the line, your vote won’t be counted.”

  • “At end of day, if I win, that’s great.  If I lose, that’s great too.”
  • One-half of one percent “is the standard nationwide for a recount.”
  • Recount will be top-to-bottom
  • Like any computer…it malfunctions
  • Just cited Lukes suing the city in the 1990’s to become vice-chair


Something obviously changed Rushton’s mind between Tuesday night and today.  Either that, or he was acting when he told several people he wouldn’t be asking for a recount if it wasn’t automatic.

Either way, how this plays out for Rushton is going to be interesting.  There is definitely going to be political and public fallout for him, and this is just going to add to the legacy of Murray/Rushton (and back to Levy) versus Lukes.  A recount is, by nature, a protracted affair, and chances are this won’t be a neat and clean thing.