May 2008

And now a talk of proposed freight solutions. Expanding freight yard capacity in the Worcester/Grafton area is NOT the preferred or likely solution, says Cahir.


Cahir says studies have shown there is room for possible passenger expansion but CSX owns the rail.

Down the line, says Cahir, the state and CSX are trying to figure out where the future “centroid” of freight service will be.

Cahir says he feels a bit embarassed that there aren’t more Worcester trains…he also says he’s hoping the state and CSX have good news soon.

The moderator just had a bit of trouble pronouncing Lukes name correctly. She says she sees little sense of urgency on the part of CSX. A CSX rep on the panel says that there seem to be nonnegotiables on both sides, including CSX taking on liability. The MBTA rep says we need a fair agreement on both sides