The moderator just had a bit of trouble pronouncing Lukes name correctly. She says she sees little sense of urgency on the part of CSX. A CSX rep on the panel says that there seem to be nonnegotiables on both sides, including CSX taking on liability. The MBTA rep says we need a fair agreement on both sides


Fred Eppinger just joked that City Manager Michael Obrien put so many hours into the Hanover that his wife must think “he has a Spitzer problem.” wow.

Done Crowd Goes Nuts

Big Cheers for a call to get student loan industry out of the predatory lending business

Clinton is on stage being introduced by congressman Mcgovern — this has the feel of a tent church revival that only a political rally can match.

A Questioner just brought up andrew olmstead, a clark alum who was killed several weeks ago in iraq. “the age of cowboy diplomacy is over,” says chelsea, saying her mother would make international trips before she was even elected.

Cameras at select intersections…